Temple Emanuel of Tempe

Welcome to Temple Emanuel’s Syndi Scheck Yad B’ Yad Preschool

Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, loving and nurturing environment infused with Jewish values where children 6 weeks of age through 5 years, can grow emotionally, socially, cognitively, intellectually, physically and spiritually and who develop into life-long learners. Our program is designed for creative learning which will stimulate and challenge your child’s natural curiosity and inquiring mind and will foster a love of learning. The Yad B’ Yad Preschool provides an opportunity for young children to play, learn and growth together in a rich Jewish play-based environment.

The small and intimate size of the preschool program enables relationships to be fostered and cultivated between staff, clergy, parents and children. The Yad B’ Yad Preschool provides the building blocks and foundation for life-long and meaningful friendships.

For more information, please reach out to Preschool Director Tanya Stabinsky 480-838-1414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent Handbook


I was at Zachary's 4 month pediatrician appointment yesterday, and as the doctor was going through his check list of things to say, he said "ok so you say he goes to day care. Do you pop in unexpectedly sometimes to make sure he's doing alright? That's he's being taken care of, has a clean diaper, is being interacted with?" All I could do was chuckle because I have literally never felt the urge to do that. Pop in to see them? of course! Pop in to make sure they are being taken care of? No. His comments made me realize how incredibly fortunate we are to have child care we trust so much. I feel like the kids are with family all day and I know they are loved and taken care of. In case you don't hear it enough, I'm so happy with your leadership of Yad B'Yad and the hard work your staff does each and every day.

~ Emily Schwartz


There is so much happiness, love, and learning happening each day! We've seen a tremendous amount of growth in our daughter and she is constantly coming home singing songs and talking about what she learned!  It's our second family and we know our children are safe and happy every day she goes to Yad B'Yad!

~ Jenny Foust


Yad B'Yad is a creative and fun learning environment where my shy boy has not only found his voice; he's found friendship, belonging, spirituality and amazing skill sets. I know he will be successful in kindergarten and beyond thanks in large part to this special community.

~ Courtney Griggs