Temple Emanuel of Tempe

In the course of a school year there are many different ways we mark and observe the passing of time. Jewish Holidays are certainly one from fall to winter we are never without a Jewish Holy Day or Festival to add ruach to our activities. Then there is the on-going documenting of developmental profiles, watching our friends reach the typical milestones through on-going support. Additionally is through our curriculum, watching the progression of the year and scaffolding of a peer group’s developmental process. Some things are the same and expected every year and other things are different based on needs of each peer group we encounter. As a Director there is a feeling of pride one has over the course of each school year when a particular group of teachers, parents and children begin to really make their mark on the community of learners.

This past week while conducting a tour for a potential YBY family I was suddenly overcome with how proud I am of the work these teachers have done in 5 short months. Some schools exist for years and years and never really achieve a basic sense of cohesiveness. But on this day as I verbalized our philosophy, pointed to documentation on our walls, peeked in to the classrooms and introduced our staff-- I kvelled at what I knew the parents were seeing--- positive climates and lots of developmental learning in each and every room!
And the next day my sense of pride was further validated when I received the phone call from another parent who heard from her friend that she must come tour too.

It is hard to believe most of these teachers were new to YBY in 2016, new to me, and new to each other. And yet there is such a seamless transition from classroom to classroom, and one can tell the children feel it too. All the teachers are loving caregivers to all the children even if assigned to a different classroom. Every teacher partners and supports every classroom and the whole child curriculum, and our environment flows in an obvious developmentally appropriate trajectory from room to room.

Many thanks to all of you- staff, children, parents and Temple Emanuel community for supporting this growing learning community. Please refer anyone looking for full or half day programming our way--- enrollment is ongoing and we are looking forward to filling our community to capacity while still maintaining our intimate class size and teacher child ratios.