Temple Emanuel of Tempe

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Since 2009, the Hiking Club of Temple Emanuel has enjoyed the natural beauty and the blessing of our desert environment. We’ve explored most of the surrounding mountains, and desert areas, even in the light of the full moon.

Sue Ochs leads this casual group of like-minded fellow congregants, who join together once a month for various levels of hikes. Usually a group of four to 12 gather for hikes between 3 to 8 miles. Often the hikes are followed by sociable noshing at a coffee shop, at a congregant’s house or a picnic. We’re loosely organized, but we all love to get outside. We usually meet and carpool from the Temple Emanuel parking lot, and require only a few dollars to share cost of gasoline or entry fee to some parking areas. RSVP is required for all hikes.

Please call 480-838-1414 or submit the Contact Us form for more information or to be added to the Hiking Club email list.

All hikers must complete a Liability Form, which is filled out once then kept on file.

Please keep the following reminders in mind for a safe hiking experience!

    • It is critical that you wear proper footwear, which has more to do with the tread than the style - flip your shoes over and look for a grip tread such as you will see on running shoes and hiking boots. Smooth bottomed shoes may be fine for a walk in the woods, but not for desert hiking. The tread will help stabilize your foot on the loose rocks and will grip large smoother surfaces on uphill or down in desert hiking.
    • A walking stick is recommended for added stability.
    • Always bring 1-2 litres of water.
    • Always wear a hat.
    • Lather on the sunscreen, even in winter.
    • A camera, a cell phone for emergencies, trail mix or a snack bar, and dressing in layers for morning cool and midday warmth will make hiking safer and more fun.